Are you a high achieving spiritual female leader who’s done a ton of work on yourself over the years, but you still don’t feel free to be your ‘real’ self?

And maybe you don’t even know WHO that is?

But you know that you don’t always speak your truth, and you hold back, keep the peace and caretake and rescue others. 

And these old patterns are frustrating and draining for you. 

You’re thinking, “Why the hell am I still doing this, despite everything I know and teach others?”

I want to share the answer with you today by explaining why the innovative process Creatrix® is the future of female personal development.



I’m a Relationship Specialist, affectionately known as ‘Queen of the Boundary Queens’. 

I work with high-achieving spiritual female leaders, helping them to master their boundaries, so that they can confidently live their truth, really feel like they’re “walking their talk”, and finally create successful personal and professional relationships.


The women who come to me are feeling like they’ve come a long way, and yet there’s this kind of invisible wall that they just can’t quite crack through. 

And they’re just OVER their repetitive behaviors that are costing them the real, genuine, authentic connection that they want and freedom to live their purpose fully. 

Maybe they’ve got really strong brick walls up and they know they have to take them down, but they don’t know how. 

Maybe they’re still being a doormat most of the time in their personal relationships, but out in the world they look like a real go getter and people think, “Wow, she’s really got her s**t together” 

But on some level the “insides don’t match the outside”, and they feel that lack of integrity in themselves.


I remember feeling that way too until five years ago. 

I’d spent pretty much my whole life in a codependent, people-pleasing pattern. 

Keep your mouth shut. 

Keep a smile on your face. 

Be there for everybody else. 

Do everything for everyone else. 

I completely lost myself. 

That led to three serious burnouts that cost me many years of my life, a lot of money and put a strain on my marriage. 

And I was so frustrated, because I’m like, “I know that I’m here for a purpose. I have done all of my healing from my child abuse and traumas. I’ve been in recovery and therapy and overcome addictions and codependency. Why am I still feeling like I can’t be me?” 

My biggest dream in life had always been “I just want to love myself, be myself, and be happy”.

Why wasn’t that happening? 

I almost went, “You know what Nat, just give it up. This is it. Just accept it. This is as good as it gets. Women are meant to suffer and struggle. We’re not meant to be free. We’re not meant to have it easy. Everybody else in your life before you has suffered. So, who are you to want more?” 

Actually, if I’m being honest, there was this little voice in my head saying, “Who the f**k do you think you are? Stay in your box, stay small. Nobody wants to know. Nobody cares about what you have to say, anyway.”

That voice was loud!

I was always feeling anxious, and my head was going chitter-chatter all the time with negative headtalk and second guessing myself. 

“Did I say the right thing? Did I do the right thing? What’s that person thinking?”

It was crazy. 

On the outside, I looked cool, calm, and collected, but there was an internal struggle going on most all the time. 

Then one day my soul just screamed at me, “Nat, you have to get on with your life. You cannot waste anymore time hiding away, just going to a nine to five job. That’s not who you were born to be.”

That’s when I decided, “I need to find a way.”


I literally Googled ‘women’s empowerment’ the Creatrix® training course came up for me. 

That was on a Wednesday. I was there on the Monday and I completed my transformation in just one week, in three sessions. 

I’m going to share that in the video below.

The biggest issues I had to clear was needing other people’s approval, the fear of what everybody’s thinks, and the goddamn guilt I felt whenever I did put myself first, whenever I did say no. 

Those issues all left, and I haven’t felt that way since. That was five years ago. 

I’ve gone on to step into my full, natural power, show up as a leader and follow my mission and purpose on this planet.


So, I wanted to share with you today how you can change your life too and why the work that I offer women one-on-one is revolutionary and unique. 

Firstly, the word Creatrix® means ‘A female who creates’. 

So, the entire process of Creatrix® is about freeing you to create the life you really want to live. 

Not a life you think you have to put up with, not what you think that you’re allowed, not what you think you’re capable of because of what’s happened to you in the past.

No, the life experience that you actually want.

Creatrix® is just an adventurous, closed eyes, virtual reality kind of process that you go through one-on-one with me online. 

There’s no hypnosis. 

There’s nothing like that. 

You’re just simply closing your eyes. 

And I am walking you through a process where you get your own learnings about how to let this stuff go. 

And the number one key you’ve got to realize here is that Creatrix® is based on the science of epigenetics that tells us that the stuff that we’re carrying is usually not even our stuff. 

It’s embedded in the cells of our body, because it’s been passed down from generation, to generation, to generation, to generation, to generation before us.

And we’re still carrying it all. 

And that’s why we think, “Oh my God, why is this so hard to let go of?’

It’s because it’s not all yours, right?

I’ve noticed that common big issues that women have just pushed down and pushed down and pushed down and pushed down because they’ve been conditioned to do that, are Fear, Anger, Sadness, Hurt, Hate, Guilt, Shame and I’m Not Good Enough.

This process gives you the opportunity to let all that go and rewire yourself in a way that you’ve never done before. 


There’s five stages that you go through in the Creatrix® process that makes it work and give lasting results. 

1. Release the energy and the emotion of that issue, straight away within yourself, so it’s gone for good. 

2. Relearn by downloading much higher learnings about that issue and how never to stay stuck there again. 

3. Recode your cells on the inside (you can feel the shifts inside immediately). 

4. Reframe your entire perspective and your attitude. Like you pretty much open your eyes and you see life completely differently. 

5. Recreate in your mind what’s possible for you, so you can take action towards creating the life you really want from now. 

Watch this instructional video for more details.


What’s unique about this process is there is no involvement from anybody else. 

I’m not ‘healing’ you. 

I’m not giving you any advice. 

There is no conscious communication going on between us about your ‘issues’. 

Actually, I’ve got no freaking clue what you need to let your s**t go.

But I know you know. 

And I know how to get you to the place where you find those answers for yourself. 

It’s my job to keep you out of your own goddam way, so you can finally let it go for good. 

But there’s a catch. 

You have to be WILLING to let it go, even if that feels freaking scary, and you don’t know HOW.


Most women have a fear of the unknown, like “Oh my God, what if I let go of this old identity of who I think I am, this over-giver, this overly responsible person, the Good Girl, all of that. Who is underneath that? Will I even like her?” 

And, of course, the bigger question, “Will other people still like me if I change?”

A lot of women will stay stuck in this holding pattern of, “I think I’ll just stay just the way I’ve always been, because I don’t want to upset anybody.” 

But that is just your fear of being rejected and judged and kicked out of the tribe sabotaging you.

We can just Creatrix® those issues.

Boom, gone! It’s done. 

So, deciding to do this for yourself is a choice, and it’s one of the most courageous choices you’ll ever make, with the most liberating outcome you’ll ever experience.


So, I want to share with you the 10 top benefits of Creatrix® that I’ve experienced in my work over 5 years. 

1. It’s Female Specific

Creatrix® was designed by a female, specifically for how the female unconscious mind works.

By female I mean, someone born with a uterus. Even if you do not have a uterus now, it doesn’t matter. Your cells have been coded to give birth. 

That’s what makes females completely different to men. 

And most modalities on the planet have been created in a man’s mind, aligned with the way a man’s unconscious mind works. 

But men and women are completely different. 

2. It’s Easy and Fast

Because it’s designed for how females tick it is really easy and just makes sense to us. Men just don’t ‘get it’.

And it happens quickly.  Usually just 3-4 sessions only to complete your breakthrough (one month total).

3. Does Not Require Full Disclosure

You don’t have to go into detail about all the s**t that’s happened to you in your life. 

You simply just have to be able to admit to yourself, “Well, I’m still holding on to feeling bad about myself, shame, fear, whatever, whatever.” 

The story doesn’t matter anymore. 

And in fact, when you decide to do Creatrix ®, you are committing to say, “I am freaking moving on from this. I am not going to tell my sad story again. I’m not going to bring that up again, because I’m leaving it in the past.” And Creatrix® will help you completely let it go now.

4. It’s a Non-Emotional Process

With most personal development women assume, “Oh, I’m going to have to get into my feelings and cry and rage.” 

No, it’s the opposite of that.

 If you get into your feelings that means you’ve put yourself in this story and you are sabotaging it. 

This is completely different from anything else you’ve tried. 

You have to be able to stand aside from your story and no longer make it about you. 

And because there’s nothing emotional about this, people who have had horrific things happen to them, like rape, abuse, and horrible traumas are not retraumatized.

5. Deep, Intuitive Learnings Unique To You

In the process you receive very deep, intuitive learnings, that in my opinion are coming from the super-conscious, from God consciousness. 

I actually see this as a kind of spiritual awakening process because that’s what I’ve witnessed for myself and other people. 

So, you’re getting these personal learnings, which are reprogramming your entire body without you having to think about it, which breaks the cycle for good.

6. Raises Your Consciousness, Vibration and Emotional IQ

You will instantly be 10x wiser than you are now!

It’s hard to imagine right?

Therefore, you’re going to be able to make much better decisions, break old patterns, and be able to handle life’s problems with more ease and grace.

7. Your Reactions Drop Away

People just won’t be able to ‘push your buttons’ as much.

You’re going to think those reactions just don’t make any sense anymore and honestly, you just won’t be bothered to ‘go there’ for long.

There’s just no real ‘charge’ anymore, which means you’re able to think straight.

You will find it easy to speak up and use your voice.

And you’re going to be able to do something different, which is what you’ve got to be able to do to change your life.

This is not a magic pill. 

You’re not suddenly going to come out of Creatrix® and all your problems are resolved. 

You’re actually then have to take inspired action and do the work to create change in your life.

That’s the harder part. 

And you’ve got to be in a place where you’re willing to do whatever it takes to align your life to what is right for you. 

Which means you might have to make some tough decisions. 

You might have to leave jobs, friends, or even a relationship? 

You will likely need to learn new skills like boundaries, and improve your self-care practices dramatically.

Who knows?

But if you’re not prepared to do whatever it takes, then you’re probably not ready for this process just yet, as a lack of action will just create new problems for yourself.

8. Stress Reduces Immediately

The body relaxes immediately. You notice your mind is quieter. You feel whole and complete. Your self-respect and self-love just clicks like that. And you stop feeling so goddamn sorry for yourself, which is an old sabotage pattern.

9. Being present

Because we’ve cut the ties to your past you can be present here now. It’s not even there anymore. You’ll struggle to even think about it. It will feel like it happened to somebody else.

You will still feel emotions but they will be a normal response to what’s happening in the present, and they will pass more quickly than ever before.

10. Every Relationship Improves

When you change at the deepest level, and show up more freely in your natural, loving, authentic power, every relationship in your life cannot help but change for the better.

People around you will go, “Hmm, she’s changed, but I’m not quite sure what’s changed, but I can feel the change for the better.” 

That’s what people say to me. “Nat, I can feel the difference in you. I don’t get it, but I can feel it.”


This process is not for everybody and needs to happen at the right time in a female’s life.

As you know, there’s a journey of healing. 

You’ve got to go through the sympathy stage, then the empathy stage, then the hope stage, until you arrive at this place where you go, “Hmm, the pain of staying the same is now greater than the pain of change.” 

Then you’re ready to take action.

This is for women who value freedom at such a high level, that they will invest in themselves to get there. 

And by freedom, I mean freedom from the past, freedom from your own sabotage, freedom from your own negative head talk, freedom from any sense of restriction of the way you move in life.

I don’t want you ever having to think, “Oh, can I go there? Do I fit in?” 

No, that’s not freedom. 

I want you to have complete choice over the way that you live your life. 

The women who come to work with me usually know deep down in their soul, that they were born to be the changemaker in their family. 

They were born to be the one that goes, “I’m going to live life differently. I’m going to break the cycle.” 

It’s gutsy to do that, because there is often a sense of loyalty, like “Who am I to break away from “the system”, so to speak?” 

But guess what?

It’s only the people who broke away who’ve ever made any massive change in the world. 

You have permission to shine your light bright so you can inspire other people do the same. 

If you keep your light dim, you know what happens, right? Not a lot.

So, my peeps are also ready to take full responsibility for everything in their life. 

Blame has to go out that window, because if you blame anyone for anything, you are basically saying, “I am powerless to change”. 

You’re not powerless. 

In actual fact, claiming and embodying your natural, feminine, loving, wise power is the key to completely changing your life and all of your relationships. 

You don’t need to be scared of becoming a b**ch, because when do Creatrix® you clear what seems to be harsher issues like anger, resentment, bitterness and jealousy (all those things that you are embarrassed to admit you feel), and you heal that more masculine, aggressive energy from your generational line. And you learn how to just be angry in a way that is healthy for you and for others.

So, as I said, you’ve got to be serious about change. You’ve got to value investment. And you’ve got to be willing to go, “You know what? I don’t know what I’m doing here. And I’m going to have to surrender to Nat’s guidance and leadership”. 

Because most women that I know have studied every freaking course, they’ve got every certificate, they know it all up here in their head. 

They spend a lot of time at home alone working on themselves, journaling, affirmations, all of that stuff. 

But that’s all at the conscious level, and change is not going to happen there permanently. 

You might feel better for a little while, and then it generally cycles around again. 

So, to get a radically different result, you have to do something radically different which may not make any logical sense, and therefore, you’ve got to be WILLING to actually let go of control (another issue most women need to Creatrix®!).

You’ve got to go, “I actually don’t know the answers here, so I’m going to go to Nat and ask her to help me find them.” 

Which means accepting that I’m going to give you a whole lot of instructions and I’ll need you to go, “Okay, I’m going to do whatever you say.” 

Because if you’d been able to solve this problem by now, you would have, right? 

If it’s not solved, you’re not going to solve it by continuing to ‘work it out’ in your own head.  Or looking outside of you to modalities that were not created by females. You might feel good for a while but you’ll slip back again. That’s the way it works.



On a final note, I wanted to let you know that your results from Creatrix® are Fully Guaranteed for those women who fit the criteria. 

A full guarantee means you come in, you work your booty off, you do the work. If you get to the end and say, “Nat, I don’t feel any better.” I’ll go, “Here’s your money back.” 

Why would I do that? I’m not going to do that lightly, am I? 

I know this works 100% of the time for 100% of the women who are right and ready for this. 

It’s my job to work out if you’re right and ready for this, and to help you become right and ready for this. 

So, what have you got to lose? Just your pain, right? That’s all you’ve got to lose.


If you want to take the next step towards Creatrix®, check out my ‘Transform With Me’ page on my website, and that takes you to my Creatrix® page

Do your own research. 

There’s lots of stuff out there on Google. 

Then book a Free 20-minute Discovery Session with me HERE

You and I just meet. We have a chat. I see where you’re at. 

And I’ll go, “Yeah, I think checking this out a bit more might be right for you, or not.” 

I’m very honest about this because it’s not in my benefit to work with people who aren’t ready.

You actually cannot “buy” Creatrix®.

Even if somebody came to me with a wad of cash and said, ‘Do Creatrix® on me’, I would say, ‘Sorry. If you’re not right and ready, I can’t do it.”

And I can’t sell Creatrix® to females because if their mind, heart and soul aren’t ready for it, it’s not going to land. 

So, this is a decision that you make in your gut and it’s an agreement between you and me, that we’re going to work hard together for a short amount of time. 

This takes no longer than three or four weeks. 

We meet together online for two hours each week. 

That’s it. 

The hardest part is the first step of putting down on paper all the stuff that’s really been going on in your noisy head and heavy heart, that you’ve been carting around your whole life. 

That’s the hardest part. Once it’s on paper, it’s done. It’s gone.


So, if there’s whisper in your soul saying, “Wow, I need to know more about this.” I encourage you to book a Free 20 Minute Discovery Session with me HERE now. 

Even if you’re thinking, “Oh, this won’t work for me. I’ve tried everything else.” 

Even if you’re thinking, “Oh, this sounds a little bit too woo-woo.” 

And even if you’re thinking, “Maybe I’m not ready?”, I really encourage you to chat with me. 

Get the facts. And make a decision with the facts, not with emotion and fears and your old belief system. 

I’d really, really love to talk to you. 

I’m on a mission to set a thousand women’s hearts and minds free in my lifetime. 

And I’d really love you to be one of them. 





You can book a Free Enrolment Chat with me via the page if you want to meet me or ask questions to see if the course is right for you.

I really look forward to seeing you become a ‘Boundary Queen’ too.

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