Check My Boundaries

CHECK MY BOUNDARIES – Quiz & Masterclass Link

Download and Print PDF

PS: You will find the link to the video masterclass at the bottom of the quiz AND I will email you the links too

1.  Download the PDF checklist and save it somewhere you can access it easily (print it if you can). 

2.  Take a couple of minutes to read through the checklist and choose a rating for each suggested boundary. Put a tick in the correct rating column.

3.  Don’t rush, or conversely, over-think it. Trust your gut on the correct rating for you right now.   

Rating Scale

* Lady in Waiting column (I’ve just become aware of this) 

** Princess column (I’ve been working towards this for some time) 

*** Boundary Queen column (I have fully embodied this boundary) 

4.  Have fun with this!

5.  Notice which column has the most ticks

6.  Read last page to discover the link to your next step (the masterclass)